Type of Visa

Visa Application Forms
 Applicants are required to fill the visa application form online using the following link and take the print out and sign on both sides of the application.

The printout is in PDF format.
Instructions to fill in the online visa application form
  • The Indian Government online visa application form is common to many Indian Embassies across the world. In order for your form to be valid in Austria and at the Embassy of India, Vienna, you must select "Austria – Vienna" in the drop down menu on the first page of the online form (opposite the title Indian Mission).

    You must answer all questions. Your answers should be in English.

    After having filled your form online, take print out, paste your photos conforming to the Indian Government specifications. Finally you should sign both pages of your form.
  • You should not to use any special characters or punctuation in any questions on the form: these could lead to errors during the processing of your application.
  • All those questions that are not relevant to you, fill in with a simple "No/NA". If you do not have the old visa number, then at least enter the time period for which the visa was issued.