Type of Visa

Visa Documentation Required/ Guidelines
1. Applications for visas are normally accepted from citizens of Austria. The nationals of other countries, who are residing in Austria,  have a longer processing time due to further inquiry at the Indian Mission in their country of origin. A copy of austrian'Meldezettel' must be attached with the clearance form.

2.The Visa application should be filled online wef 20 November 2011.

After the mandatory electronic filing of visa applications, the applicants will continue to submit the printed copies of their applications, photos, passports and fees to VAC.
  •  The application should be accompanied by the passport valid for 6 months in original
  •  One Photo in Format 5*5 against a light background, maximum head size 3,5cm (Check on the following Link for guidance- http://www.blsindiavisa-austria.com/visa-app.php).
  •  The prescribed visa fee for the category of visa applied for
  •  The relevant documentation 
  •   Please note that visa fees are accepted only in Euros in cash at the Visa section or through a bank deposit. In case of a bank transfer, 2-3 days waiting is unavoidable. 
  The Fee for postal applications  will not be accepted in cash. A bank statement showing the date of bank transection should be sent with the application.Neither the Embassy nor the Visa Application Center will be responsible for any loss of cash sent/ returned through post. In case of a minor, a copy of accompanying parent's passport is required.
4. If your applications requires a processing time of several days, your original passport remains with you after it has been scrutinized at the visa counter. It will be resubmitted for stamping of the visa after the clearance for your visa has been given by Embassy of India.
5. Acceptance of a visa application and/or the visa fee does not guarantee issue of visa. The issue of visa, its category and duration are determined on the merits of each case.
6. The date for collection of visa would be intimated at the visa counter for applications in person. For collection of passports, the Fee Receipt must be presented. Passports can be collectedat the counter between 16.00 hrs and 17.00 hrs on the date intimated or during any subsequent working day between 16 and 17 hrs.For postal applications, the Visa Application Center will intimate the applicant by e-mail when the passport is posted back, if e-mail-ID is present. Postal dispatch would be at the applicant's risk; neither the Embassy nor the Visa Application Center will accept any liability for loss/damage of passport in transit or of delays in the post.
7. Visa applications may be withdrawn or the request for a visa turned down by the Embassy, after issue of the fee receipt, but the visa fee is non-refundable.
8. Travel plans should not be finalized before obtaining a visa. Neither the Embassy nor the Visa Application Center will accept any liability for missed flights. All applicants are requested to apply for visa at least 2-3 weeks before the actual date of travel.
9. It may be noted that all visas are valid from the date of issue and not from the date of arrival in India. Applicants may take this into account while specifying the duration of visa required.
10. It is the applicant's responsibility to check that all the details on the visa are correct and to seek any corrections that may be required. Neither the Embassy nor the Visa Application Center will accept any responsibility for inconvenience or financial loss caused by inadvertent inaccuracies in the visa.
11. Visitors who intend to stay in India for more than 180 days continuously are required to register themselves with the Foreigners' Regional Registration Office. Journalist visa holders are required to contact the External Publicity Division of the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi on arrival (contact details at www.mea.gov.in) or the Press Information Bureau of the Government of India. (Contact details at http://www.pib.nic.in)

12. Applicants should ensure that they correctly specify the category of visa applied for, depending on the purpose of visit. It is normally not possible to change the visa category after entering India. Activities in India incompatible with the category of the visa may result in immediate revocation of the visa.

Visa requirements for Austrian Nationals


Visa application form fully filled.

Passport valid for a minimum six months

Photographs (51mm X 51mm) Please see photo specifications

Visa Fee and Service Charge either in cash (by submitting your application in person at the counter) 


Further documents required depend on the visa category or other case specifics.


Documents required for Non-Austrian nationals


Visa application form fully filled in
Passport valid for a minimum six months
Photographs (51mm x 51mm)
Visa Fee and Service Charge either in cash (by submitting your application in person at the counter)
or Bank receipt indicating payment in Bank should be attached with the postal Visa Application.
Please note that in case of bank transaction, the acceptance of your application can only take place after the money has been credited to our account which might take a few days.
A copy of Austrian ´Meldezettel'
Other required documents depend on the visa category of your choice:

The visa applicant of a nationality other thanAustriashould normally apply for visa to Indian Embassy in the country of his citizenship. In extraordinary circumstances, Indian Embassy in Vienna may grant a short validity visa.


IMPORTANT:The visa is valid from the date of issue and not from the date of entry into India. Applicants may keep this in mind, while specifying the duration of visa required.


Document Requirements for various visa categories


  • Invitation letter of the Indian company and
  • Endorsement letter of the local company/firm on which behalf the applicant is travelling to India. Please make sure that both letters include the name of the applicant, the name of each company, company stamp, the required duration of visa and a description of the intended activities in detail.
  • Incorporation details of the Indian company.
  • For more detailed information concerning Business Visa please visit the ´Frequently asked questions'-section.


  • An admission letter from the concerned institution and details of the financial arrangements for stay in India should accompany the application.
  • In case of admission to medical or paramedical courses in India, a Letter of Approval or a ´No Objection' Certificate from the Indian Ministry of Health is also required for issuing long term visa.
  • Detailed course details and schedule.


  • A detailed synopsis of the research project, countersigned by the sponsoring institution in India, should be submitted.


  • Letter of invitation from the conference organizer
  • Where relevant, the consular officer may also require proof of approval of the Indian authorities for holding the conference.


  • Applications are required to be accompanied by a copy of the employment contract from the company/organization in India.
  • Company offer letter
  • Appointment letter
  • Justification Letter
  • Request for Grant of Visa Letter
  • Tax Liability Letter
  • Address of Stay in India
  • EPFO Letter.
  • Certificate of Incorporation of Company
  • Company Pan Card.
  • Other, case-specific documents may be required.

For more detailed information concerning Employment Visa please visit the ´Frequently asked questions'-section.


  • A documentary proof (employment card or original letter from a reputed News/Media agency where they are working or by the office who have given them assignment in India) for 3 month visa.
  • For the six month visa a letter of appointment by the Foreign Media/TV office in India.
  • A detailed synopsis of the documentary/work in India.
  • Copy of passport  of applicant and of all crew members.
  • List of cinematic equipment to be used.
  • Undertaking from the producer and team leader.
  • Location of shoots in India