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Email : cons2.vienna@mea.gov.in

We must inform you that the visa application form is to be completed and more online from now on only two occasions in BLS: www.indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa.

Before you start with the form, please read the following instructions and also observe the other information on our homepage regarding the submission of applications and the specifics of the respective visa category:

  • The online application form will be used by many Indian representative offices throughout the world and is owned by the Indian Government. So that you may form during the application Indischen Botschaft in Wien gültig ist, you will need to use in addition to the Indian Mission Field": "Austria - Vienna" from the suggestions in the drop-down menu. Please note that the application visa application under 'normal' Open.
  • You must fill in all of the fields in the query; all questions and your answers should be formulated in English.
  • Please ensure that the date formats without exception must be separated with slashes, such as 01/01/1950.
  • After you have completed the first page, please confirm with "Continue to next page" and make a note of your "Temporary ID number, with which you can access your data again, even if you leave the program before the end of the input. After all three pages are filled in, you have the possibility to check your data again and, if necessary, to correct them ("Modify/Edit"); if you confirm with "Verified & continue", is a further query if all entries are correct, the actual form printing. Your file will be assigned a file number (AUTVV0... -Write down this number!) and is now fixed. Now press this two-page PDF form, gluing your passport photos in accordance with the guidelines (5*5) in the field provided and sign on both sides.
  • If you have difficulty in answering a question (e.g. lack of number of one of the old visa), please enter the approximate date of the visa. The questions that do not apply to them, answer with NA.
  • Please use when completing any special characters or umlauts Umlauts and other special characters in their name; you should replace this request in accordance with the international spellings (see also read line of your passport; do not just on the indication of your academic title).
  • Please check the details in your passport before you complete Registration, and note that all the names in your passport enter a simple answer (unknown), enter the date of the old about visas and close the input; they can then be printed on the form. called a hand written supplement are also changed on the application form must be cited.
  • Enter the correct visa validity; each begins on the day of the exhibition in Vienna, and the specified duration must be the whole period up to their departure from India.
  • From 01.09.2017 for each visa in addition to the visa fee charged a consular fee of EUR 3.00. In the case of debit card payment will be charged a fee of 1€.

The BLS International Visa Services Austria (a company of the BLS Detectives Ltd.) is the official partner of the Indian Embassy in Austria and takes care of the administrative processing of the visa is exclusively dedicated to awarding contracts.

This website provides you with all the information and guidelines that you will need for obtaining a visa for India.

All applicants will be asked before submitting your application, the guidelines for the different types of visa be observed precisely, as well as the requirements for photos and any necessary documents or to inform about the cost of the requested visa.

Because our task is purely administrative in nature, we do not have any influence on the decision itself or the processing time; this shall be the exclusive responsibility of the Indian Embassy.

The advertisers are solely responsible for your visa applications. Incorrect information or inadequate documentation has a direct impact on the decision of the Indian Embassy in Austria.