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For emergency services, priop appointment may be sought via e-mail

Important phone numbers:
Main reception +43 1 505 86 66 (from 1000 hrs - 1300 hrs and 1400 hrs - 1700 hrs)
Consular wing +43 1 585 07 93 46 (from 1000 hrs - 1300 hrs and 1400 hrs - 1700 hrs)

For Emergency consular assistance outside office hours,
please call +4315058666 (landline); +43-6768943748801 (mobile)

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  • भारतकाराजदूतावास, वार्सा
    Embassy of India, Warsaw
    Use of Satellite phones is illegal in India
    All foreign nationals visiting India are advised not to carry / use Thuraya/ Irridium satellite phones in India. The use of these phones is strictly prohibited in India. Any violation in this regard or foreigners identified with Thuraya/Irridium satellite phones shall have serious consequences and the users are liable for prosecution under Indian laws.
  • Since April 1, 2017 Government of India decided to issue Tourist and Business Visas with five years validity on regular basis to each applicant applying for these type of visas. "Public Advisory"
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Welcome to BLS International Visa Services Austria


Applicants for Indian Visa may kindly note that BLS International Visa Services Center, Vienna, is the only authorized center for application of Visa to the Indian Embassy in Vienna.

Any other websites, asking for your bank details or credit cards numbers, does not belong to BLS International Visa Services and may be dangerous.

For Suggestions/complaints - contact - cons2.vienna@mea.gov.in

We must inform you that the visa application form has to be filled online and completed form, submitted with BLS VISA SERVICES between 9-13.30 hours. Fill the form using this link –

  • www.indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa.
    Please read the instructions below before filling the online application. People applying for Business, Employment or Entry Visa must submit a copy of all the attachments.
    Instructions to fill in the online visa application form:
  • The Indian Government online visa application form is common to many Indian Embassies across the world. In order for your form to be valid in Austria and at the Embassy of India, Vienna, you must select "Austria – Vienna" in the drop down menu on the first page of the online form (opposite the title Indian Mission). Please note that you start filling your application under the sub-heading, 'Regular Visa Application.'
  • You must answer all the questions. Your answers should be in English.
  • Enter various dates with backward slash only.
  • Please check for English translation in your passport, before you fill in your name. You can also check the computer readable lines in your passport. Do not use any special signs.
  • Please note that there are four pages to be filled in. After you fill in the first page, click on, "continue to next page" and note down your temporary ID Number. In case you should leave the site before you are done, you can recall the data with temporary ID. After you have filled in all the four sides, you can recheck your form and make corrections if any required ("Modify/Edit"). When you click on verified and continue, you will be asked one last time, if all the details filled in by you, are correct. When you click on "OK", you get two pages in PDF format to print out, paste your photo (5*5), conforming to the Indian Government specifications. Finally, you should sign your form on both pages. The PDF Format carries a Registration No. beginning with AUTVV0….
  • You should not use any special character or punctuation when filling the form. These could lead to errors during the processing of your application.
  • All those questions that are not relevant for you, fill in with a simple "No/NA" If you do not have the old visa number, then at least enter the time period for which the visa was issued.
  • If all the details filled in your form are identical with the data in your passport, you can click OK and with this the registration is done.
  • Enter the right duration (Period of Visa) for which the visa should be valid. Please note that visa is valid from date of issue.
  • Consular surcharge of €3.00 shall be levied on all consular services (Visa, Passport, OCI, PIO, Misc. Services etc.) w.e.f. 01.01.2013