Type of Visa

Employment Visa
It is issued to highly skilled professionals for employment with companies registered in India. Those applying for such visas should be in possession of a  contract pertaining to the employment giving details  regarding the salary, professional qualification of the applicant, other terms and conditions including the fact that the employing company is registered with the local Chamber of Commerce (at the state level or at the center).



Business and Employment visas

New rules have come into effect as regards Business and Employment visas. It is requested that before applying for Business / Employment visas you may go through the eligibility criteria for such visas brought out below under the heading – `Frequently Asked Questions'. In-case of any difficulty in understanding the criteria for Business/Employment visas, you may get in touch with us at info.aut@blsinternational.net or with the Counsellor, Embassy of India, Vienna at: cons2.vienna@mea.gov.in.